Miss US International

Delegates must be unmarried females, without children, between the ages of 18-26 years of age as of November 30 of the competition year. Delegates may be 17 years of age provided that they reach their 18th birthday by September 1st of the competition year. Delegates must meet the entry criteria for the international pageants.


Entry Deadlines are 30 days prior to state events. All entry fees are due in full by entry deadline.

How are we scored?

State & Nationals have the same scoring system

Interview: 10%

Swimsuit: 45%

Evening Gown: 45%

How do I enter?

Your first step is to fill out the online application form under the heading ‘Apply Now’. Once received, the delegate selection committee will review your application and if you are selected as a state pageant delegate we will e-mail  you with your local title information and the paperwork for the state pageant. If there is no state pageant scheduled you may be offered a At Large title for your state, which means you go directly to nationals representing your state.

What is the entry fee?

We regret that we must charge an entry fee for the state preliminary pageants. The Midwest Regional State Pageants are self-supporting and rely solely upon entry fees to cover production expenses.  The entry fee for state pageants is $395.00 and is among the lowest state entry fees around. The entry fee includes your local title, crown and sash and there are no ad sales required for the state pageants!

Can I Go Straight to Nationals?

Absolutely! If your state does not have a state pageant scheduled, and there is not a current titleholder, the state is available for ‘at-large’ entry. The fee to go directly to nationals is $895 and includes your entry fee, media fee, crown, rhinestone embroidered satin sash. You receive your ad page, DVD of the pageant and a rhinestone crown t-shirt for appearances as well as  other gifts and prizes.

Can I Make Payments?

Absolutely! You can make payments on your entry fee in any amount you wish, but your title, crown and sash will not be awarded until your fee is paid in full. This is true for state and national delegates. Payments can be made via Paypal or Credit Card viaPaypal (paypal account is NOT required). Payment link can be found at the bottom of this page.

When do I enter?

We accept entries up to 30 days prior to a scheduled pageant.

What is the prize package?

Each winner will receive:

  • Custom State Crown
  • Custom embroidered, rhinestone edged satin sash
  • Custom crown pin to match your crown
  • Entry fee to nationals PAID
  • Rhinestone Pageant T-Shirt
  • Official Website and blog page
  • Official Title Autograph cards
  • Official Title Business cards
  • Photo CD of national pageant
  • White Party at Nationals
  • Queens Hosted Parties at Nationals
  • additional gifts from sponsors: tbd

I held a state title for Miss US International or Miss North America previously, can I compete again?

Former titleholders in either the Miss US International or Miss North America Beauty pageant may not compete again in the same state or division that they previously held the title for. They may compete in a different state if they meet the state residency requirements, or they may compete in the same state but different division that they qualify for. EX: Miss Iowa US International 2014 may compete as Miss Iowa North America 2015. If you previously competed and placed in the top 15 you are eligible for one of the Midwest titles as well.

What is the residency requirement?

You must meet one of the following criteria to qualify to compete in any state pageant;

  • current or prior residency in the state
  • current or prior employment in the state
  • current or prior student status in the state
  • current or prior property ownership in the state
  • born in the state, but no longer residing there

May I seek a sponsor?

You may seek sponsors or you may pay the entry fee yourself.

If I win a state pageant am I responsible for anything else at nationals?

You are responsible for your travel to nationals, unless specifically outlined as a prize of your particular state pageant. You are responsible for your accommodations and meals at nationals, unless specifically outlined as a prize of your particular state pageant. You are responsible for the media fee at nationals which is $300 and includes your ad page and your DVD of the pageant as well as photo session with pageant photographers.

Are there ad pages or additional category competition fees for the state pageants?

NO! For the state pageants there is a program book you may sell ads in and you can opt to sell ads to earn income to help offset your pageant related expenses. It is not mandatory and non-judged, no bearing on overall scoring. There are no additional category fees, no hidden or surprise fees. No mandatory opening number outfit to purchase from us, no training fees, no photography or mandatory hair & make up fees.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment may be made by personal check, money order, or credit card via PayPal online to info@midwestregionalpageants.com. If you pay by check please note that your crown and sash will not be shipped to you until the check clears.

Is a payment plan available?

For state pageant the entry fee must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event. Payments can be made in any amounts until then. You are responsible for keeping track of your payments.

If I am unable to compete, will I be issued a refund or a credit?

No.  Due to high production costs, we are not able to return any payments.  Please make sure you are able to participate in the casting or national pageant before sending any funds.  All fees paid are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE in full or in part for under any circumstances. This includes entry fees, advertising fees, pageant admission tickets and any other fees paid.

What happens if the State Pageant is cancelled?

If the state pageant is cancelled you will receive a refund of any amount paid over $50. The crown and sash are yours to keep and those entered will be offered the opportunity to represent their state at nationals as an at-large delegate. This will be offered in order by the date in which the applications are received.

If I hold an North America Beauty or US International title, can I compete in other systems?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! The only requirement of the State winners is that they compete in nationals and we ask that they come back and crown their successor. If you win your state event you are obligated to compete at nationals. If you win nationals, as the national titleholder you are bound by a required set number of appearances in your Official crown and sash during your year of your reign. If you are the US International winner you are obligated to compete in the international pageant in Asia, entry fee and flight are prizes and you will not have to pay additional fees to participate at this international pageant.